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The Mentors International mission is to lift generations in developing countries by leading individuals and families from poverty to sustainable self-reliance through personalized mentoring, business training, learning of vocational skills, and access to micro-loans.

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Utah's Rural Online Initiative seeks to keep the existing talent and attract newcomers to rural communities by providing resources and training for stay-at-home work.

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We connect the (L)earners in your community with the career and upskilling opportunities they need to thrive. Our emphasis is on underserved and underrepresented communities (demographic, geographic, or both).

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Accelerant works with clients to tap new talent pools of employees in urban and rural communities creating significant social impact and client business advantages. The right people. The right job. The right place.

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Vision Statement: American Heritage School is an effective educational resource for parents worldwide in assisting children and families to maximize their divine potential.

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AWS Academy empowers Higher Education Institutions to prepare students for Industry-recognized certifications and careers in the cloud. The AWS Academy training suite, helps educators remain on the forefront of innovation by equipping students with in-demand skills in today’s fastest growing fields.

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Spark XR provides education in the field of digital entertainment and virtual reality to Manga Productions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the MiSK Foundation. They are well-known experts in digital entertainment with teaching expertise.

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